Celebrating Foods!

From farm to table; the color, flavor, life and light to our human existence! The joy of food, be it at a wedding, family dinner, restaurant, cook book, or garden, is definitely something to celebrate. Cheers!

Welcome Baby Lucas!

Congratulations to Rachel, Michael, and brand new baby Lucas!
Lucas James Thompson;
12/13/17 1:58am
7lb 1oz. 20 1/2 inches
Best wishes to this wonderful family!

Sarah + James… a wedding day peek!

Thank you for sharing your happiness and love with us Sarah and James. Your wedding day was such a pleasure to shoot! Best wishes always!sjary-13sjary-1sjary-2sjary-4sjary-7sjary-8sjary-9sjary-10sjary-11sjary-12

Chad + Tessa; Wedding Peek!

Ninth grade is a funny time in life. That’s when I met Chad. It’s a time when everything can be a game, everything is still fun, and you feel you’ll be 14 forever. In 2001, I never would have guessed I’d be photographing my friend’s wedding 16 years later at Texas Old Town!
Now, I’m just coming back from taking some considerable time off from having a baby, but Chad and Tessa’s wedding made me eager to get back to work; they reminded me of why I love being a photographer so very much. I get to see memories happening right before my eyes. I get a chance to capture what will one day be history. And I get to meet and stand among people celebrating love, receiving love, giving love, being surrounded by love. Thank you so much Tessa and Chad for having me shoot your beautiful, sweet wedding day. Even the rain felt joyful! You guys are both wonderful and I wish you all the happiness.


Maggie and John’s Wedding Day PEEK

This beautiful November wedding at Cedar Bend Events was just a joy to shoot!
Enjoy this tiny peek into Maggie and John’s special day.
Best wishes you two!

PEEK into Elizabeth and Patrick’s Big Day

Just giving a peek into Elizabeth’s beautiful wedding day… what a Converse All Star!
Congratulations Elizabeth and Patrick, best wishes!


Devon + Clesmie; Summer Wedding Joy

Congratulations to Devon and Clesmie, two wonderful people whose love brought two very beautiful families together at Vintage Villas this Summer.
Please enjoy this peek into their nuptial celebration!
Thank you for allowing me to photograph such special moments on this unforgettable day.

Don’t miss Devon’s bridal session, soon to be posted on the blog.

Kelly; a senior portrait session

When I found out I was going to have a little girl, a lot of people at work were just completely wonderful about it; they threw me a baby shower, they were generous and kind and full of good wishes. But one particular woman’s reaction will stand out in my memory forever for being so genuine… Dee, Kelly’s mother, asked me, “So, is it a boy or girl?” When I replied, she clapped her hands together, threw her head back, squeezed her eyes shut and just exuded joy for me. After a few moments, she hugged me and, being the mother of two girls, she said “Now you’re in my world.”
Well, I’m pleased to share a piece of her world with you today. This is Dee’s elder daughter Kelly, an intelligent, strong, sophisticated lady who just graduated from Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. The University of Georgia is lucky to be receiving┬áthis student in the fall. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed meeting this awesome girl.