Maggie and John’s Wedding Day PEEK

This beautiful November wedding at Cedar Bend Events was just a joy to shoot!
Enjoy this tiny peek into Maggie and John’s special day.
Best wishes you two!

PEEK into Elizabeth and Patrick’s Big Day

Just giving a peek into Elizabeth’s beautiful wedding day… what a Converse All Star!
Congratulations Elizabeth and Patrick, best wishes!


Kelly; a senior portrait session

When I found out I was going to have a little girl, a lot of people at work were just completely wonderful about it; they threw me a baby shower, they were generous and kind and full of good wishes. But one particular woman’s reaction will stand out in my memory forever for being so genuine… Dee, Kelly’s mother, asked me, “So, is it a boy or girl?” When I replied, she clapped her hands together, threw her head back, squeezed her eyes shut and just exuded joy for me. After a few moments, she hugged me and, being the mother of two girls, she said “Now you’re in my world.”
Well, I’m pleased to share a piece of her world with you today. This is Dee’s elder daughter Kelly, an intelligent, strong, sophisticated lady who just graduated from Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. The University of Georgia is lucky to be receiving this student in the fall. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed meeting this awesome girl.


Just You Two!

A quick peek into Tarah and Phil’s wedding day last weekend…
These two got married at Walker Honey Farm and Vineyard.
Please enjoy this preview of the couple basking in some of the first moments of being Mr. and Mrs! (Ok, and there’s one with the adorable flower girl getting embraced by the happy couple!)

Downtown Austin Engagement

Congratulations to Katelynn and Mahesh! I’m so excited to shoot their wedding this fall with Dandy Pear Photo.
A special “thanks!” goes out to our friends at Crú Wine Bar on 2nd street for helping us all feel right at home during our shoot. 

Please enjoy this tiny sneak peek into the happy couple’s fun downtown session:


Impromptu and Low Light Images

I was recently asked by more than one potential client how often I take photojournalistic images at weddings… It got me thinking and realizing that most of the photos I’ve selected in my portfolio section are portrait style and are somewhat posed. To answer my now client’s question, we are CONSTANTLY shooting in a photojournalistic fashion; it is part of what makes event and wedding photography so enthralling for us!  Please enjoy all the photo moments below; the grand majority occurred and were captured organically, and a handful are low-light images (a couple are posed) to show lighting technique.

The Jordans; Fall Family Portraits!

Hi, Ary here! I’m a wedding photographer (my new wedding photography website is, a collaboration with my talented husband Jacob!) I normally get to shoot diverse, happy couples who are very much looking forward to spending their life together… but on special occasions, I get to photograph kids and families too! This is my friend Jennifer. We met when I was in kindergarten, she was in 1st grade.  As you can imagine, we’ve been through A LOT together. What an indescribable joy it is to see my friend as this fantastic mom to two amazing kids with this fantastic, loving man at her side. William is such an exemplary daddy to Sam and Addie.jordansfall15-4 jordansfall15-8 jordansfall15-9 jordansfall15-13 jordansfall15-24 jordansfall15-27 jordansfall15-30 jordansfall15-32 jordansfall15-45 jordansfall15-53 jordansfall15-57 jordansfall15-63 jordansfall15-64 jordansfall15-65 jordansfall15-67 jordansfall15-75 jordansfall15-81 jordansfall15-83

When I was in kindergarten, my mother and I moved to a little townhome community in East Austin. I had just recently learned to ride my bike on two wheels (no training wheels! WOOHOO!) so I set off, a little over-confidently, to make friends the second day we were there. I rode along all alone, up and down the community for an hour. Just when I started feeling lonely and a bit afraid, I saw that beyond a big hill was another phase of the community that I had not yet explored. I took a deep breath and went for it. I lost control of my bike and completely wiped out. As I lay in pain with the wind knocked right out of me, I heard someone speed by me. A flash of lightning, shiny blonde hair, she threw her bike down next to me and (with bare feet) ran up to my side, placed her hand on me and asked if I was ok. I looked up to see the coolest girl; sure of herself, a little older than me, with a bigger bike and with a steady voice that made my troubles disappear. That was the first day of my bike-riding, roller-blading childhood with her up there, Jennifer Lynn Jordan! Friends, Jennifer has grown-up to be a wonderful mother with two amazing children and a loving husband, William. This week, they have shared with their friends that William has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Cancer. Jennifer is also currently facing medical concerns of her own. William’s sister has set-up the “GoFundMe” campaign link below to off-set medical costs while these two hard-working parents are battling Cancer AND building a beautiful life for their kids. If you have it in your heart to send the tiniest “F-you” to cancer, please consider helping this family out during this incredibly difficult time. Every dollar counts and will be accepted with overwhelming gratitude. Thank you so much. -Ary