Chad + Tessa; Wedding Peek!

Ninth grade is a funny time in life. That’s when I met Chad. It’s a time when everything can be a game, everything is still fun, and you feel you’ll be 14 forever. In 2001, I never would have guessed I’d be photographing my friend’s wedding 16 years later at Texas Old Town!
Now, I’m just coming back from taking some considerable time off from having a baby, but Chad and Tessa’s wedding made me eager to get back to work; they reminded me of why I love being a photographer so very much. I get to see memories happening right before my eyes. I get a chance to capture what will one day be history. And I get to meet and stand among people celebrating love, receiving love, giving love, being surrounded by love. Thank you so much Tessa and Chad for having me shoot your beautiful, sweet wedding day. Even the rain felt joyful! You guys are both wonderful and I wish you all the happiness.


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