Exploring New Social Mediums in Photography- Insta THIS

My continuing journey through the photographic world began in a dark room that smelled of strange chemicals and had an abundance of safety and operation rules. Eventually my journey took me to the land of Photoshop and my beloved Canon 7d. Today, I’m forced to look at Instagram and admit it is a medium through which the masses can be exposed to art, the masses can create art, and well, it’s a bit of a new open forum for photographic discussion and argument. I just began “instagramming” last month and will share a few of my posts below in light of this new artistic discussion.

image“Hands-On Learning”

image“Her Feet, My Feet”

image“Nigel as ‘Jerry’, from ‘At Home at the Zoo'”

“Soccer at Zilker”

image“Castro the Cat’s 2nd Lunch”

image“Toddler Duck”

image“First Time at the Beach”

“Army Ants in Cocoyoc”

“Father Daughter at Barton Springs”

Baby Playing Dress-Up with Mom’s Diamond”

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  1. Great photography! Of course it helps when you have such a cutie “model” :))

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